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3DS FC: 4811-7143-4916
Pokedex completed!



Okay professor so I didn’t TECHNICALLY complete my homework but check out my level 100 MegaBlaziken

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In November, Beams will start selling life-sized Pikachu plushies in Japan. Like real Pikachu, they’re 0.4 meters tall and weigh 6 kilograms (about 13 pounds). And yes, they come with a tote bag, for whatever reason.





This is the cutest thing I’ve seen ever

He totally thought wednesday could lift him i’m dead

Honestly she probably could have.

The Addamses may well be the healthiest, most functional family unit to ever grace the small screen.

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I think this bird got confused when someone told him he belonged in the sky.
He decided to be the sky instead.




I think this bird got confused when someone told him he belonged in the sky.

He decided to be the sky instead.



Tumblr Teaches History

I reblog this for the anon who once sent me an ask telling me there was no such thing as a history fandom on tumblr.



cries for the rest of my life

Sometimes I think he understood the character better than the writers did.

Captain Jack is best Doctor Who character.

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I’ve finally, thanks to the positive feedback from my lovely followers, decided to ignore my deep art insecurities and fear of failure finally open up commissions!

Note: If you would like any of your pictures animated (ex: x,x,x,x), please tell me when contacting me about your commission. The pricing is dependent on how much I’m animating and I’m very kind on pricing.

I plan on having up to 5 slots be open at a time and will make sure to notify when the spots are filled. This is first come, first serve. The first ones to message me will be given priority over the others.

Also, while I’m at it, please do not ask for a commission through my ask box. 

It is difficult to keep track of messages through the ask box over time. I would much prefer you e-mail me your information. I will list my contact info more towards the end.

What I’m looking for when you commission me:

  • Your tumblr username
  • what you’re purchasing
  • character references (much appreciated)
  • any extra comments/preferences

Please do be polite. I care very much about that and I want this to be an enjoyable experience for the both of us.

More examples of my art:

  • Chibi (x,x,x,x,x,x)
  • normal (x,x,x,x,x,x,x)
  • Regular sketches - differs from detailed sketches (x,x)
  • detailed sketches (x,x,x,x,x)
  • comics (x,x,x,x,x,x)

What I’m willing to draw:

  • OCs (references required)
  • Character designs (for you..but give me an idea)
  • Fandom art
  • your OTP or whatever
  • Some gore art (not too crazy)
  • …hesitant NSFW (don’t go too crazy on me)
  • "furry"/anthro art
  • cute kissy smooch smooch (u3u)

What I’m not willing to draw:

  • Incredibly kinky art (watersports, scat, tentacle porn, et cetra)
  • furry porn
  • hardcore gore

If you aren’t sure on whether or not yours is acceptable to me, make sure you message me. I’ll clarify.

All payments will be made via Paypal.

  • Contact me at: (my email and Paypal)

A lot of the information in regards to how pricing works is already listed above. However, if you have any questions, feel free to message me about anything you are unsure of.

Thank you guys!

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